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CEO Speak,

“LCS wishes to be the ladder for people to move up the value chain”
Ladder Consultancy Services (LCS) is primarily formed out of passion for people. In this present global village of growing opportunities and complexities, it is becoming imperative for all those pursuing career aspirations, to constantly look back at their growth and strategize their next steps to achieve desired results. Gone are the days when professionals used to join an organization and retire from the same.

It is now fashionable to change jobs every 3 - 5 years or even lesser. With this trend, it is becoming very difficult for people to have mentors who would guide them through the right career path. They do not have time for themselves to quickly assess, where they currently are and where they need to be. Furthermore, it is becoming increasingly difficult to get people / firms who would genuinely assess their capabilities and assist in taking the next career path which yields further long-term benefits to both the person and the corporate. It is for this reason that LCS has been formed.


“To enable people (both individual and group of individuals represented through the corporate world) to move up the value chain (both in personal and career fronts)”.


“Be the ladder for at least 5,000 IT & BPO professionals to realize their dream jobs, in the first couple of years”


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Even sky is not the limit for Growth with Ladder !

- C.V.Ramanan
CEO - Ladder Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.